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About Erin

HeadShotPINIMAGEHi! Thank you so very much for stopping by!

My name is Erin Louise. Photography has been my passion for many, many years (I’d tell you the exact number but that would age me too much). Although I enjoy many types of photography, I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing babies! My first paying photography gig was photographing one of my high school teacher’s baby. From there I never looked back. When I was sixteen I went to work for a portrait photographer, working in his darkroom and assisting on shoots. When I started college, I worked in his studio photographing high school seniors, families, and school portraits. Unfortunately, his high client volume quickly burned me out and I left photography to teach elementary school.

Then Colin was born in 2007. My first son came into my life and my husband and I decided that I would become a stay-at-home mom. Being with my son brought my passion for photography back! I couldn’t get enough shots of his chubby cheeks and his wonder as he discovered his world. My friends started to take notice of my images of him and started asking me to photograph their children. So E. L. Hicks Photography was born. I dove into learning anything I could about photographing babies and developing my craft. And learning from my previous photographic jobs, I knew that I would always remain low volume to preserve high quality service for my clients with no burn out.

When I’m not off creating wonderful photographic memories for families, you will find me cheering on my son Colin at his baseball games, chasing after my second rambunctious superhero son Tommy, snuggling with my husband Dave, throwing the ball for my mini-labradoodle Maggie, camping with friends and family, enjoying a glass of wine with friends, cooking up a new vegetarian meal for my family, reading the latest Jodi Picoult book, or writing a witty post for the East Valley Moms Blog.